About us

ResinWorks Canada is the official Dealer of Artwork Resins and Pigments from Eli-Chem Resins.

We are artists ourselves and started using epoxy resin for paintings, photographs and woodworking. Over the time we tried different resins but weren't satisfied with the application process or the final results itself.

We just wanted a clear epoxy resin which is easy to use, solvent free and UV stable. In addition to that we wanted a resin which has shorter drying times instead of waiting days to be fully cured.

We were looking for a solution but it seemed that none of the supplier in North America we tried, couldn't fulfill our wishlist. So we focused our search towards Europe and long story short - we teamed up with Eli-Chem to bring their products to Canada.

We are proud to offer a full range of EliChem products including the new TotalCast and Resi-Blast for Artists, Woodworker and all our other creative people in Canada.