ResiBlast - Dispersion Media for Resin - Resin Works
ResiBlast - Dispersion Media for Resin - Resin Works
ResiBlast - Dispersion Media for Resin - Resin Works
ResiBlast - Dispersion Media for Resin - Resin Works

ResiBlast - Dispersion Media for Resin

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The newest addition for maximum creativity. What about if you could create unusual and unique visual effects like lacing, cell structures, colour dispersion and colour gradients. Wouldn't that be awesome and wouldn't that give you endless possibilities for your artwork. Yes, it would. 

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  • New formula (Non-hazardous and non-toxic)
  • ASTM certified D-4236

Well here we go -  resiBlast will boost your inspiration and creativity. Resi-Blast is a single-part liquid that can be dropped into wet coloured (pigmented) resin to create stunning visual effects.

Essentially it is a single-part polymeric liquid that reacts with wet epoxy, polyester and polyurethane resins by repelling itself away, thereby stimulating movement and blooming in concentric outward circles. It is not a paint or a resin. It will not cure on its own. 

This dispersion reaction creates motion into self-contained cellular structures as seen in the photos.

Droplets should be added to the pigmented resin surface immediately after mixing / pigmenting. The motion is instigated instantaneously and can be further enhanced by applying heat in that area. Do not wait for the resin to gel or partially cure as resi-BLAST will not work at all.

resi-BLAST will not react or retard the curing cycle of the resin. The additive may leave shallow uniform depressions ( craters ) in the resin surface which can add to its optical effect. In addition any residue of the additive will migrate to the surface of the resin and should be wiped off with a dry cloth after the resin has fully cured ( see individual product datasheets for this info ). This residue can also act as a polish layer to further enhance a glossy resin surface. 

resi-BLAST is safe and user-friendly. It is odourless, inert, stable, non-toxic, non-flammable, non-VOC with with no aggressive chemical, solvent or alcohol ink content.

Bottle: 25.0 ml


Resi-Blast is a disruption medium it is not absorbed into the resin and remains separate.

In addition it's a single-part liquid therefore it doesn't ever cure hard like resin.

As a result it will leave an oily residue on the surface after the resin has cured underneath.

It does’nt interfere with the resin curing, but any excess will gravitate to the surface as a waxy layer.

You will need to wipe it all off with a dry cloth before attempting any further layers.

Generally the less you add ( tiny droplets ) the less residue and the fewer holes or dimples it will leave on the pigmented resin.

Another factor is the substrate...using it on canvas leaves those dimples but using it on a stiffer surface like wood, mdf, aluminium dibond etc will ensure it remains flat and level without creating those dimples.

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